Printer Repair Training

In our Institute the course training is given on day by day bases, which helps the students to understand the course easily. Trained on the types of printer are DeskJet printer, Laser printer, Dot Matrix Printer, Ink Jet printer and Multi functional printer.

DeskJet Printer:

Basic concept of DeskJet printer:

  • Dismenting & Reassembling of DeskJet printer.
  • Identifying the different parts of DeskJet with trouble shooting.
  • Paper feeder Sensor.
  • Door Sensor.

Laser Printer:

  • Importance and introduction of Laser printer
  • Laser printer working concept
  • Block diagram of laser printer
  • Common fault & equality of printer
  • Circuit concept
  • Refilling Cartage
  • PCB Concept
  • Lens Assembly
  • Scanner Device
  • Use of multi meter
  • Testing of AC and DC supply
  • Testing of open, short, ground circuit
  • Engine board study

DOT Matrix:

Basic concept of DOT Matrix.

  • Printer head working
  • Power supply
  • Processor section
  • Pin head Refurbish
  • SMPS board concept
  • Stepper motors
  • DMP and PCB concept
  • Formatter board testing of printer
  • Power board testing printing unit
  • HEAD unit repairing
  • Fault finding & troubleshooting of DOT Matrix Printer

Ink Jet Printer:

  • Assembly and Disassembling of printer
  • Identification of parts like Head, Paper path, Waste Ink Collection system, Head cleaning and pumping System etc.
  • Introduction of CISS
  • Introduction of M-Jet
  • Types of Ink
  • Cartridge Refilling
  • Unlocking of Printer through different methods
  • Head cleaning process
  • Fault finding & trouble shooting of Ink Jet Printer

Multi functional printer:

  • Operating technology of Scanner
  • Assembly and disassembly of Scanner
  • Functions of scanning unit
  • Identification of parts like CIS, CCD, Trailing Cables Motors, etc.